Hackity Hackity Hackathon!

In just two weeks, a flock of PHP developers will descend on Rosemont, IL for php|tek. In between the presentations watched, the Twitter handles followed, and the pints of Guinness consumed, there will be lots of ideas traded. Ideas are great. They can give you solutions, new perspectives, and new directions in your own projects, but they’re not enough.

We know from thousands of startups and projects.. Execution is everything.

On Thursday evening, we’re running the 2nd annual php|tek Hackathon. This year it’s sponsored by our friends at Tropo. The goal is to give you a chance to try out some of the ideas you’ve heard about and potentially help a project that you already use. This time around, we have leaders & community members from a number of projects available to help, direct, and generally talk about show what they’re doing.

We have quite a few groups represented so far:

Tropo – a Cloud API for adding voice & SMS communications to your applications – represented by Product Manager Adam Kalsey.

CouchDB – a document-oriented NoSQL database solution – represented by CouchBase User Advocate Benjamin Young.

Frapi – an API framework for building RESTful applications – represented by project creators David Coallier and Helgi Pormar.. Tormar.. we’ll just go with Helgi.

Gowalla PHP Library – a way to interact with the Austin-based location based service – represented by Michelangelo van Dam.

JoindIn – a community-driven site focused on bringing together the people sharing the knowledge with the ones giving feedback – represented by Lorna Jane Mitchell.

Node.js – an event-driven I/O framework for the V8 JavaScript engine – represented by Node.js author Travis Swicegood.

Phergie – an open source IRC bot written in PHP 5 – represented by Project Lead Matthew Turland.

PEAR – PHP Extension and Application Repository – represented by PEAR President David Coallier.

PHP Test Fest – a small group of developers whose primary goal is to support the PHP core – represented by Michelangelo van Dam and Rafael Dohms,.

Spaz – the microblogging client for Twitter, Identica, & Laconica – represented by Project Lead Ed “Funkatron” Finkler.

web2project – the stupendous web-based project management system – represented by the Testing King Trevor Morse and Project Lead Keith Casey.*

Windows Azure – Windows-based cloud hosting platform – represented by Developer Evangelist Peter Laudati.

Zend Framework – one of the leading PHP frameworks out there – represented by Michelangelo van Dam.

No, you don’t have to work on one of the projects represented.

We encourage project members and leaders to attend and direct and focus your efforts so you can accomplish something. Sometimes starting is the hardest step, so we’re all there to help. If you want to try out your own ideas, please drop me a note – keith @ blue parabola.com – and we’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

*  I may be biased about web2project.. I’m the project lead. ;)